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trayTea Tray - circa: 1800s

A gracefully curved serving tray which was prized first for the beauty it added to a simple table setting, as well as for its obvious usefulness in serving refreshments off table. The tray shown here is finished in York Red and Candlelight pine, and measures 19" x 12" x 3".Price: $79.95

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stoolStool - circa 1700's to 1800's

This stool is a duplicate of one given to me on my first birthday by a neighbor of my grandmother. Its style and simple construction is representative of many crafted by family craftsmen for over 200 years. The finish shown here is 1776 Pine, and the stool measures 9"h x 18-1/2"w x 8-1/2"d. Price: $49.95.

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Cricket StoolCricket Stool-- circa 1800's:

A traditional child's small stool. The cricket stool is usually about one-third the size of a standard one, and derives its name from its oval top and splayed legs. We have a piece finished in 1775 Pine available for immediate shipment. The model shown here is finished in Newberry Red. It measures 5"h x 11"w x 7"d. Price: $33

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Oven PeelOven Peel-- circa 1700's:

This is a long-handled wooden implement with a spade-like head that was used for loading bread and pies into the oven. There were also peels with iron heads; broiling eggs on an oven peel was a required skill most of us no longer have! These peels were not painted, because they were used daily in an oven. Today, an oven peel adds an authentic touch when hanging by the fireplace. It's available from us in the Candlelight Pine or 1776 Pine finish. It measures 29-1/2" long by 4-1/2" wide. Price: $19.95

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For construction details on all these pieces, please visit our workshop. If you prefer to order any of these items by mail, please use our Mail Order Form. You may also phone us at 717-938-3503.

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