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wall box
Wall Box
- circa 1800's

The original piece that inspired our reproduction came from Massachusetts, and we believe dated from the early 1800's. There is a well in the top and additional storage in the drawer below. It measures 13" L X 14-1/2" H X 6" D. It is shown in our "Old Whitewash" finish. You can see a detail from the distressing effect that contributes to the authentic look of this piece.

This box measures 13" L X 14-1/2" H X 6" D Price: $90


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Tea Tray

Knife Box
- circa 1780's

This is a knife box design typical of those made by country craftsmen during the late 18th century. Most were plain and practical, containing slots so that the knives could be stored safely and withdrawn easily.

The finish shown on the left is Lancaster Yellow, on the right it's Sullivan Green. Each knife box measures 17"h x 9-3/4"w x 4" d. Price: $65

Click on the photograph for more detail. You can click here to see the box in the Cupboard White finish, or here for a view of the box in Candlelight Pine. Please note that we are no longer producing the "Cupboard white" finish, but "Old Whitewash" is similar.

Desk Box
Desk Box
- circa 1815

Small boxes that could fit on top of a desk and hold a few writing supplies were sometimes found in Colonial homes. The slanted top could hold the writer's letter. The original of this piece came from Vermont and dates to about 1815. It measures 11" D X 8 1/2 " W X 9 3/4" H. It is shown in Burgundy Red. The price is $75 (plus shipping).

Click on the photograph for more detail.

seed drawerSeed Drawer - circa mid-1800's

Found in Lancaster county Pennsylvania, the original of this two-drawer cabinet was used to store seeds. Other variations of it were used for spices and herbs.

 The drawer measures 11"h x 13"w x 7-1/2"d. It is shown here finished in Lancaster Yellow. Price: $98

Click on the photograph for more detail, or click here to see this item in a Newberry Red finish.

document boxDocument Box - circa early 1800's

The original piece from which this reproduction was copied most likely sat on a desk or writing table and was used to store documents and valuable papers. It is fitted with a half-mortise lock, as was the original.

1776 Pine is the finish on this box, which measures 8-3/4"h x 13-1/4"w x 6-1/2"d. Price: $105

paymaster's boxPaymaster's Box - circa 1800's

This was originally used as a cash box when disbursing pay to company employees. Housewives sometimes adapted it for use as a sewing box. We have added a compartmented tray so that you may use it as a jewelry box.

The color shown here is British Blue. It measures 8-3/4"h x 13-1/4"w x 6-1/2"d. Price: $139.95 (Or you may order it without the tray for $129.95).

Click on the photograph for more detail.

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